A picture is worth a thousand words: Cliche for most, but for Photographer Sarah Leon the reason behind the saying has been her hallmark. For nearly two decades, Leon has directed the look of advertising photo shoots through a craft few people are aware of - photo styling. For Leon, the opportunity to showcase her work in an artistic setting is different from the magazine layouts and advertising in which her styling is displayed. Whether artistic or commercial, her vision remains the same: "Making a shot look natural and beautiful.: Her photo philosophy lies in recognizing details and showing a range of viewpoints. The quality of light also plays a significant role in creating the look and feel of a subject. It is no wonder Leon names Renoir, known for his beauty of color and light, as her favorite artist. Leon is a native of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, now residing in Fort Lauderdale. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida.

For Photographer Andre Comeaux, the perfect image is a journey, not a destination, and it begins with protocol. Through the lens of his camera he captures a concept conceived through the execution of a formula: A subject, person or object; the production and lighting to create an ambiance; and the art of directing talent and crew. His concept becomes a reality. Now-a-days, Comeaux's photography consist of a spectrum of subjects. In addition to automotive photography, he has broadened his subjects to include scenic, people and product photography. His speciality, however, remains creating a beautiful image and capturing the world as he sees it. Comeaux attained a Bachelor of Fine Art from Brooks Institute of Photography. Comeaux is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana and lived in Los Angeles for 10 years after graduating from Brooks and prior to moving to Fort Lauderdale three years ago.