Mounting Photo Prints Behind Plexi

What is it and why do so many people want it and love it? A special production method is used to glue the Photo. In this way the image is protected against scratching, dirt, and premature aging. A unique way to preserve photographs and for the presentation in a residential or commercial environment.

This face mounting technique has only recently gained wide acceptance among museums and art galleries. Mainly because it seems to add a third dimension to the two-dimensional image and provides a brilliance and intensity unobtainable by any standard framing method. The production technique involves a permanently elastic, smooth fusion of paper print and acrylic glass. By using a special adhesive, an airtight bond is created with no air bubbles, fixing the print with its front side to the back of the UV-resistant acrylic glass. By directly gluing the front side of the photograph to the back of a sheet of Plexiglas, any light reflections between the photograph and the glazing of an ordinary frame is eliminated, thus increasing image sharpness, contrast, and color saturation. When the light penetrates the layer of acrylic glass, the light reflection on the prints surface is completely different form the effect when a print is framed with ordinary glass. With this unique production method the diffusion of light diminishes because of the consistent quality of acrylic glass. As a result the colors seem sharper, more brilliant, more intense and more immediate. The assembly of Plexiglas, photograph and protective back layer to a recessed metal frame which serves as a spacer between picture and wall, providing the impression of the photograph to be floating off the wall.